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Electrophoresis Paint Refining Device

Electrophoresis Paint Refining Device

This device is the latest product developed on the basis of the digestion and absorption of Japanese electrophoresis paint recycling, Using Japan imported special resin, it is applicable to acrylic department anode electrophoresis paint, occurring in the process of removing impurity ions to ensure the quality of coating surface, this device performance completely reach the level of imported products, It is necessary equipment in aluminum anodized electro-coating process.
1.Big resin filling ,good refined effect, to confirm the quality of coating surface.
2.Acid-base resistant impact,non-breakable.
3.Reasonable layout for pipe and valves. intuition. convenient operation.
C)Main performance .
1.Conductivity descending 100-200μs/cm/time .
2.PH value falling 0.2-0.3/time.


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